Top 10 Best Cuckold Dating Sites and Forums

“Cuckold dating” refers to a relationship that involves a third party (often referred to as a “bull”) that fulfills the sexual desires of your partner. And yes, it is understandably a difficult kink to get into - but for a lot of people, this type of fetish hits all the right buttons, and can be a very rewarding way to enhance your relationship.


Cuckold dating is, to say the least, an underappreciated kink. A lot of common misconceptions surrounding cuckold relationships prevent interested and curious couples from trying it out. On the other hand, because of its dedicated, yet small community, you don’t often find great spots to interact with other couples or hotwife wannabes.

Don’t worry, though - we’ve done the work for you. Whether you’re someone who’s looking into exploring the world of cuckoldry or are in need of a bull in your area for you and your partner, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered some of the best cuckold sites and forums to tend to your kinks.


Overview: Ashley Madison is a platform that helps married individuals start affairs with others. This will take your cuckold relationship to the next level, but be prepared to get real serious about it, as the users here are putting quite a lot on the line for some sexy time.

Perks: If you’re ready to start a cuckold relationship with real, married individuals, this is the best place to find them.

Limits: A recent data breach in 2015 caused various profiles to be leaked publicly, though the platform has since recovered and is now more secure than ever.

Just a Tip: Tell the individual(s) what they’re getting into before hooking up with them, as this isn’t going to be your usual affair. And of course, don’t get caught (unless you’re into that, too).

aff homepage


Overview: As one of the most popular hookup and cuckold websites to meet up & date, Adult Friend Finder has one of the largest communities of adults looking to get it on from all over the world.

Perks: Due to its popularity, you’ll probably be able to find a willing bull or hotwife no matter where you live.

Limits: The site isn’t focused on any specific kinks and is focused on hook-ups in general. This can make it a bit difficult to find someone willing to participate in a cuckold relationship.

Just a Tip: If you want to make it clear that you’re looking for a bull or hotwife, you can do so by having a relevant username, such as “my_husband_will_watch”, “”, or anything similar.

alt homepage


Overview: Alt is a dating website that puts a focus on BDSM, fetishes, and kinks. Their membership is free and is full of many adults from all over the world.

Perks: You can find other adults with similar kinks as yours thanks to the site’s kink-focused approach.

Limits: Cuckoldry isn’t a popular kink on the site, and BDSM dominates most of the other fetishes.

Just a Tip: If you’re curious enough and want to try out more than just regular cuckold dating, you can try adding some BDSM flavor to it, too!

reddit subtopic

4. r/CuckoldPersonals

Overview: Cuckold Personals is a subreddit of the popular forum site Reddit that is full of individuals looking to hook up with bulls, hotwives, and discuss about the fetish in general.

Perks: It’s a subreddit. As part of the world’s largest forum site, that means the forum is usually more polished than other cuckold forums.

Limits: There really isn’t a formal system in hooking up with others, and the majority of the community is based in the U.S.

Just a Tip: As with most subreddits, always be sure to follow proper internet etiquette and avoid things such as spamming posts like “I need a fat cock for my wife” every hour hoping to get a reply.

Cuckoldplace homepage


Overview: Cuckold Place has over 112,000 members and claims itself to be the largest cuckold chat room community on the internet. That’s 112,000 people who are just as kinky as you and are more than happy to help you out with your fantasies.

Perks: Since the site focuses solely on cuckold dating and cuckold hookup, there are forums for more refined cuckoldry kinks. So that oddly specific fantasy that you’ve been having for the past week? There’s a good chance someone fits the bill perfectly here.

Limits: The basic layout of the site can be off-putting to some, and it can be confusing to navigate for first-timers.

Just a Tip: Don’t be afraid to interact with others! The site maintains anonymity for its members so you can explore to your heart’s content.

findyourthreesome cuckold site


Overview: Findyourthreesome is a hookup website that specializes in letting users find swingers (people who are willing to swap wives with other couples). Now while that isn’t cuckoldry per se, it doesn’t hurt to switch it up (get it) with similar fetishes, too.

Perks: The site is fairly active and has tens of thousands of members online (according to their website) at any given time.

Limits: Wife-swapping and cuckoldry may share similarities, but are ultimately different fetishes altogether, so don’t expect to find the perfect couple or individual to join your relationship.

Just a Tip: It is possible to find people to join your cuckold relationship through this site by specifying who you are and who you’re looking for - just don’t expect too much since the site is focused on swingers.

Cuckoldforum homepage


Overview: Just like Cuckoldplace, Cuckold forum is one of cuckold websites centered around cuckoldry and hotwifing. With over 80,000 members, the site is very active with users.

Perks: CuckoldForum has an easier-to-use layout than that of CuckoldPlace, with more neatly organized menus and pages.

Limits: CuckoldForm seems to have the majority of its members from the U.K., so unless you’re extremely rich and horny, you’re unlikely to hook up with someone if you live outside.

Just a Tip: CuckoldForum makes very good use of tags. Be sure to specify if you’re a bull, hotwife, or cuckold when making your profile for others to easily find out how you fit in the relationship.

fetlife homepage


Overview: As the name suggests, FetLife is a website that specializes in connecting those in the kink, fetish, and BDSM community. Unlike Alt, which is a alternative dating site, FetLife establishes itself as a social network. Just imagine Facebook, but with lots of cucking in your daily feed. Pretty amazing, right?

Perks: Due to its social network nature, you’ll be able to more closely connect with others and get to know them more before meeting up.

Limits: Despite being a social network, FetLife doesn’t have a full release on an iOS app, though they do have an open-source Android app available.

Just a Tip: Be wary of predators and posers on the site. There’s no real way to verify a person’s real identity, so Mr. Hung Bull could very well be a 3-inch Theodor instead.

gt cuckold


Overview: is a straightforward, cuckold dating site that helps pair users with compatible sexual partners.

Perks: A webcam chat lets users “get to know each other” better before meeting up (we’re pretty sure it’s used for cybersex, though). You can also specify your kinks with a profile opening.

Limits: Outdated web design can be off-putting for some.

Just a Tip: Be sure to make the most out of your profile opening, as that’s the only place where you can openly showcase your kinks, down to the little details.

ourhotwives homepage


Overview: Our last site on this list, Ourhot wives is a hotwife dating site dedicated to discussing the lifestyle of cuckoldry with others. Instead of exchanging numbers, you’re more likely to exchange conversations and discussions with other like-minded people.

Perks: The site is very active, with new posts in the many forums on a daily basis. There are also forums for other related topics, such as polyamory and sexting.

Limits: There are quite a few limits to what you can do in the hotwife forum. For example, you cannot delete or edit posts you’ve already made.

Just a Tip: Double-check everything you post on the forum, as you won’t be able to change it once it’s been posted.

With many different ways to fulfill and enhance your cuckold lifestyle, you’ll be able to take your relationship with your partner to the next level. Who knows, you may even find the hotwife or bull of your dreams in just a few clicks!