7 Best KINK-Friendly Dating Apps for Role Play You Want to Try ASAP

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Although dating apps have been around for a while, they aren't all created equal. Typically, we've seen plenty of vanilla dating apps for couples seeking standard relationships, or hookup apps that aren't focused on alternative interests or that limit the kind of dating options out there. Today, though, a number of kinky dating apps are popping up that are designed just for the kinky folks in the world.


  • 1. ALT Offers On-the-Go Kinky Sex and More
  • 2. Yumiapp Has Thousands of Local Kinksters
  • 3. Take Kinky to a New Level with Kinkoo
  • 4. Get Your Dom Sub Relationship on with Whiplr
  • 5. Find Local Kinky Folks on kinkD
  • 6. KNKI Connects You with Submissive Relationship
  • 7. Kinksters is Your Home for Kinkster Fun

While this is still a relatively new industry, it is one that is quickly growing in popularity. There are dozens of different KINK apps out there that claim to offer the best in kinky hookups, but they are not all created equally. Some apps don't weed out spammers and fake profiles. Others might be too limited in their features until you subscribe. Regardless, it's important to find the best apps for the best bdsm hookups.

Fortunately, we've got you covered there. Keep reading to find out about the best kinky dating apps and what they have to offer for those who are looking for more than just a standard hookup or relationship.

  • #1


    ALT kinky bdsm site


    The USP: Alt.com Offers On-the-Go Kinky Sex and More

    Alt.com has long been a leading kink website choice for the alternative community. Their app is available on multiple platforms and is designed for a mobile-friendly experience. There is a location feature that allows you to ensure that people are local, and the site's reputation guarantees fewer fake profiles and better chances of success at finding the best hookups. Alt has free and paid membership options available, with the support of a community that understands kink and that has been around for decades.

    Monthly Visitors: 1.7 million +
  • #2


    bondage, kinnk and fetish community


    The USP: Yumiapp.com Has Thousands of Local Kinksters

    Yumiapp sells itself as an anonymous hookup and chat app that is designed to help people with all kinds of NSA hookups. While it isn't specifically directed toward the kink community, it does offer kink connections for those who join.

    There is an Android and iOS app available, allowing all users to access the app. Plus, it doesn't require a lot of personal information or time to set up before you can get to connecting with other users. You can set up your profile, browse pictures for free, and access most of the app without paying. Subscriptions are available for premium features, but they aren't required.

    Monthly Downloads: 20,000 +
  • #3


    Find Like-minded Kinksters


    The USP: Take Kinky to a New Level with Kinkoo.app

    Kinkoo.app is a bdsm dating app that is designed for fetishists of various types, with a huge selection of kink dating or hookup options available to choose from. In fact, some of the categories impressed even the most taboo members, who appreciate the openness of the app to let them explore their wild side. At Kinkoo, you get free coins to give roses to other members, but you'll have to pay for more coins to get more roses. Otherwise, the app is free to use.

    Monthly Downloads: 50,000 +
  • #4


    a hub for the BDSM, Fetish


    The USP: Get Your Dom Sub Relationship on with Whiplr.com

    Whiplr.com offers an impressive 230 different fetishes and kinks to choose from, allowing you to get very specific about what you want from kinky dating and hookups when you choose this site. While many apps are newer or less-developed, this one seems to have a robust interface and a seamless design that actually makes it possible for people to hook up with local kinksters on an app, rather than having to rely on a website. One of the best features is being able to "unsend" messages if you decide that you change your mind. Download and try the app for free, or upgrade to a premium membership for advanced features.

    Monthly Downloads: 10,000
  • #5


    Get Matched With Local Kinky People


    The USP: Find Local Kinky Folks on Kinkdapp.com

    KinkDapp.com is another kink app that's been quite well-developed comparatively, also known as Tinder alternative for kinky couples and singles. This app offers dating and hookups specifically for BDSM, fetish, bondage, and other kinks. You can even connect specifically with people into golden showers, kink bondage or foot fetishes, or any other kink that you can dream up. The site uses strict photo ID validation to avoid fake profiles, and free membership will let you download the app and set a profile, as well as perform basic searches. Membership is required for unlimited messaging, advanced search, and other premium features.

    Monthly Downloads: 20,000 +
  • #6




    The USP: Knkiapp.com Connects You with Submissive Relationship

    Knkiapp.com is a unique kink bdsm app in this list, as it offers not only a hookup-style dating app but also a sort-of social network all its own. If you want a kinky connection that's more than just private messages to hookup, this app can help you find your place in the kinky community, share pics, and connect with local kinksters for any kind of fun you have in mind. Premium membership offers additional benefits and access but is not required for basic app use.

    Monthly Downloads: 10,000
  • #7


    Looking for someone like you


    The USP: Kinksters.net is Your Home for Kinkster Fun

    The Kinksters app is one of the most active apps available. Some people receive more than 10 or 20 messages in a single day, depending on their interests. The app offers all kinds of BDSM connections, from basic hookups to serious relationships. Plus, the app is user-friendly and offers a fun design, making it easy to enjoy for anyone who wants to have a little kinky fun.

    Monthly Downloads: 5,000

The Bottom Line

As more companies turn to dating apps, not just dating websites, it's becoming increasingly convenient for you to connect with all kinds of people for all kinds of dating needs. You're no longer limited to trying to let your kinks out slowly and quietly on traditional dating apps or settling for plain vanilla sex when you'd rather have something with a little more spice. If you're looking to hook up with kinksters in your area and want to do it through an app, any of the ones listed here should get the job done.

Fortunately, you'll see that there is a selection of paid and free options, too, making it easy for you to check out the scene without committing to paying for a service before you see how well it works. Check out any of these apps now and get on with your kinky hookups, no matter what you have in mind.

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