Submissive Women Seeking Dominant Men: Where to Find Doms

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If you’re a submissive lady and find yourself in need of a strong, dominant man, you don’t have to look far as long as you know where to look. The Internet is making it easier than ever for people to find kinky partners, no matter what their interests are or what kind of relationships they seek. Fortunately for submissive women, there are thousands of dominant men out there just waiting to find a partner, including plenty of people that are in your local area. Where and how to find a submissive man? Here are a few tips.

BDSM Dating Sites and Social Networks

Right now, there is an increasing number of submissive dating sites and apps popping up for people that are into kink, fetishes, and other alternative interests. There have even been a few sites created that function a lot more like a social network (a la, offering a place submissive women seeking dom men and find the right partners for the kind of play that they have in mind. Not all of these sites are created equal, and some may be more effective than others at helping you find the relationships that you want, but there are plenty that are at least worth a look, including the likes of:

Get to Know People with Caution

The Internet is making it easier for subs and doms to connect with each other, but it is also making it easier for abusers and people who are trying to take advantage of others under the guise of BDSM and fetish dating. Always stick with reputable fetish sites, because only the people who are actually interested in a legitimate dom/sub relationship will take the time and effort to create a profile and seek out partners for their dating or casual encounter desires.

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What Kind of Dom Do You Want?

Submissive females who are new to the world of BDSM relationships may not be familiar with the different types of dominant partners available and the various power exchange relationships that can occur between doms and subs. There isn’t one strict way to have a dom sub relationship. In fact, there are really no two relationships that are the same. Are you looking for a compassionate dom or someone who is more of a masochist? Dominant women looking for submissive men? Do you want someone who can have a sexual relationship or who wants to live a full-time D/S lifestyle on a day-to-day basis? These are all things you should consider when searching for the perfect man to tame your submissive ways.

The Bottom Line

As a submissive woman, it may not be in your nature to take charge. However, you have to invest the effort to at least find the dominant partner that you desire so that you can make the most of your new dom/sub relationship. Keep this information in mind in your search and you should have no trouble finding the perfect man to dominate you in the bedroom, or even in every aspect of your relationship if you want to live the lifestyle full-time.