Find a Submissive Woman for Your D/S Relationship

find submissive partner

In a dom/sub relationship, the partners have to be compatible if things are going to work. That means taking the time, as a Dom, to search for and find your perfect submissive woman to complement your dominant ways. There isn't a perfect plan or method for finding a sub, but there are definitely some valuable tips that can help you along the way. Keep reading to learn all about the foundation of any great D/S relationship: how to find a submissive woman.

Know What You Want

You can't find the right partner if you aren't sure of exactly what you are looking for. Just wanting a submissive partner isn't enough. You have to think about the type of submission that you prefer, or your dominance style, to find the best compliment. For example, there are a variety of types of D/S relationships and each one has different types of partners. You might even want women should be submissive in the bedroom, but that is strong and empowered in her day-to-day life. That's an option, but you have to know that is what you are seeking.

Find Women That Complement Your Style

No two people have the exact same definition of "submissive". Therefore, you have to really define not only what you want, but what kind of woman could actually complement you to create a good dom/sub relationship. The only way that you know what you want from a submissive woman is to know how your dominance displays itself. If you are a masochist, for example, you wouldn't want a submissive that had hard limits on pain or extreme kinks.

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Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

Although you can be fairly certain that the quiet girls are going to be submissive, they may not be the only ones. Feel free to look at women that you find attractive and then find out whether or not they might fit the submissive role that you have in mind. It may be the girl sitting in the corner reading, but it also might be the woman on stage, belting out karaoke, just waiting for someone to secretly take control of her. You never know, so don't rule anything out. Men like submissive women and some of the best submissive women are the unexpected ones.

Use Online Dating and Social Networking Sites

You aren't going to want to seek out a submissive on a site like Facebook, by any means, but there are specific dating and social websites for fetishists and kinky folks who are looking for friends, partners, and more, like ALT, Fetlife and BDSM. Many of them even offer location information so that you can connect with submissive women in your area. After all, even if you find the perfect woman, it doesn't matter if she's halfway around the world.

There is no exact formula for dating or finding submissive women, but these are a few tips to help you get started. Just remember to focus on finding exactly what you want, and with the resources available you'll be able to track down your ideal sub in no time at all.