How to Cuckold Your Husband: Get the Secrets to Showing Off

spice sex up

If you’re a woman interested in spicing things up in the bedroom by adding another man to the mix and making yours watch, you aren’t alone. Plenty of women decide that they want to venture into forays with other men, but only with their current partner there to watch and enjoy along the way. There are a lot of ways to go about introducing the idea to your husband. Ultimately, it will depend on how open your communication is and the overall health of your sex life, but some approaches will be better than others.

If you think that your husband may be more resistant to the idea of cuckolding, you might be able to start dropping early hints to see if he catches on or at least warms up to the idea of you looking at other men.

Important: When bringing up kinky cuckolding, or any other fantasy, make sure that your husband understands that you love him, but the idea of another man may be a fun, no-strings attached experience for everyone.

How to Discuss the Terms

You can’t just decide that you want to try cuckolding and go find a partner. This could quickly lead to disaster, and especially in your marriage. The responsible thing to do with this or any other fetish is to sit down and have a discussion about how you both feel, what you both want, and how you can go about taking care of each other’s fantasies without overstepping any boundaries. Usually, this conversation will be the reassurance that hesitant partners need to make the leap.

cuckold husband

If your husband isn’t quite ready to try it, but wants to talk about it, maybe you can start by watching and sharing some cuckold porn. Sometimes, all he needs is a little visual inspiration and reassurance that it will, in fact, be a good time for everyone.

Incorporate Other Kinks

What other kinks and fetishes does your husband have? A lot of cuckold relationships also incorporate other aspects of BDSM, including humiliation and dominance. For example, a woman might choose to seek out a bull to enjoy in front of her husband while he is dressed in women’s clothes, tied to a chair, or even just verbally humiliated throughout the experience.

There is truly no limit to what you can do with your cuckold fantasy, once you get your husband on board. In order to do that, you might have to get creative. Don't despair, though, because more often than not men are willing to give it a try. Plus, if nothing else, that secret weapon of showing him some cuck porn could give you a lot of assistance in sealing the deal.

The Bottom Lin

Whether your husband is a little hesitant or he is completely unsure of the idea of cuckolding, these tips and ideas should at least start to warm him up to it. Look for ways to make it fun for him and figure out how to incorporate his kinks, too, and everyone will have a great time.