Beginner’s Guide to Cuckold Dating: What You Need to Know

cuckold threesome

Kinky cuckolding is a specific type of fetish that refers to those who enjoy watching others enjoy sexual activities, such as when a couple invites another man over to have sex with the woman while her partner watches. It's a more popular fetish than most people realize, but there is not always a lot of information about it readily available. If you think that you’re interested in cuckolding or cuckold dating and hookups, this guide will tell you everything that you need to know to get started.

What is Cuckolding?

Put simply, cuckolding is just watching people in the act of sex. However, more specifically, this unique fetish is all about men who enjoy watching wife being with another man. The cuck, then, would be the man who wants to enjoy the act of watching, while the hot wife would be the wife or female partner. Then, you have the bull.

A “bull” is the term used for a man that is involved in cuckold relationships as the third party. He is the one that the couple seeks out to take the place of the male partner while he watches the sexual act from a distance. Usually, men will masturbate while they watch. Some men will want to sit right next to their partner while this is happening, as well. It's all a matter of personal preference, and there really are no rules beyond those that you set out.


How to Get Started and Find a Cuckold

Cuckold dating is a lot easier than it used to be, thanks to the Internet. Once you’ve decided this is something that you want to do, you’ll need to discuss it in detail with your partner to make sure that you are both on the same page. Decide whether you’re going to search as a couple or if the man will find the bull that he wants to watch with his wife. Figure out the terms that everyone is comfortable with and decide how the arrangement will work ahead of time. Communication is key.

Once you know exactly what you’re looking to do, you can use online dating sites that are specifically geared toward fetish dating and even niche sites designed even more specifically for cuckold relationships and encounters. Speaking of which, that’s another thing you’ll need to consider—are you looking for a one-time thing or a long-term affair?

Although it doesn't typically make a huge impact in your search, some bulls have different intentions, so you’ll need to be prepared to find the right one.

Try Fetish Dating Now

Cuckolding is just one of the many types of fetish dating, although it is quite popular. Of course, when you sign up with sites and apps that cater to general fetishes, you might find even more to get into along with your cuckold fetish quest. Take advantage of the market for alternative dating and hookup apps to explore all your fetishes, including cuckolding, and maybe even try something new you never thought of before.