How to Be a Good Submissive?

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Submissive partners have certain roles expected of them, and although the exact details will vary from one relationship to the next, it can help you to have a little bit of an idea of how to be a good submissive ahead of time. Some dominant partners expect a certain level of submission right from the start, even if they intend to train you. Therefore, your first job in being a good submissive is reading as much as you can about how to be the best sub that you can be so that you are ready for your partner.

Here are some tips that will help you become the best submissive so that you can please your Master from the moment you say hello:

Know and Articulate Your Limits: It can be a challenge at first, but as a sub, it is your responsibility to clearly discuss your limits with your partner. You should understand how hard and soft limits work, be able to choose and use safe words, and feel like you can discuss all of this with your Dominant partner in order to have the best experience.

Trust Your Dom: Regardless of the type of Dom that you have, you need to trust him to take care of you in your relationship. If you cannot trust each other, you will not be able to fully and freely explore the dom/sub dynamic and it could even cause issues in other areas of your relationship if it goes beyond this.

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Be Willing to Grow and Learn: Not just for the sake of your Dom, but for yourself, you must always be willing to learn, try new things, and grow in your submissive role. You should feel open to explore your interests and develop your submissive relationship outside of specific sexual encounters so that you can create a deeper sense of intimacy and be a better submissive partner in every way.

Don’t Give Him Free Reign: A Dominant wants a submissive, not a pushover. Moreover, if you are completely willing to give in and have no limits whatsoever, you may need to examine your own sexuality and consider whether you are really interested in being a submissive or if there is another issue underlying in relationship. There’s a big difference between being submissive and being a doormat.

Do Your Homework: As mentioned above, the best first step to being a good sub is to take the time to do some research and see what typical D/S dynamics are like. You can take notes from others, see what works and what doesn’t, and get a sense of the different types of relationships and what each one entails. When you are educated and prepared, you will be a more trainable and enjoyable submissive for your Dominant partner.

Being a submissive isn’t about being completely unopinionated and at the mercy of your partner. Unless that is the agreed-upon arrangement, of course, in which case you may have a lot of fun. In the day-to-day, however, there is a balance of power in every dom/sub relationship and the best submissives know how to manage that accordingly.